October 22, 2020 12.20 pm This story is over 37 months old

CCTV shows how pro burglar broke into Grantham antique shop

Looks like he knew exactly what he was doing

A burglar who broke into an antiques store and stole thousands of pounds worth of jewellery was seen crawling on CCTV to avoid detection.

Notions Antiques on Grantham High Street was burgled on October 11 at 7pm. He broke through a skylight and drilled a hole in the door for access.

He was then crawling towards the cameras which he eventually disabled and left with gold and silver jewellery worth thousands of pounds.

The way he broke in led the owners to believe he was an experienced burglar, describing him as a professional.

The burglar drilled a hole in a door as part of his break-in job. | Photo: Lewis Checkley

Sharing the CCTV footage on the shop’s Facebook page, Notions Antiques described the thief as a “scummy person” with “no regard for hardworking people’s livelihood.”

Director of the store, Lewis Checkley, 62, told The Daily Mail: “He made a human size hole in the door with a power tool. It was a very professional job. You can see from the CCTV how professional a job it is.

“Obviously he has been planning it for some time after sussing out what we had got.

“They must’ve done a recce of the place to see what system we’ve got and how to do the crime.”

Lincolnshire Police are still investigating the incident and are yet to find the culprit behind the burglary.

Anyone who may have any information or was in the area at the time of the incident should call 101 and quote incident 99 of October 12.