October 28, 2020 5.07 pm This story is over 36 months old

Is the Gainsborough Trinity Arts Centre haunted?

Ghostly CCTV footage poses the question

CCTV footage of what is described as a “ghostly image of a woman caught walking through walls” has prompted the question: is the Trinity Arts Centre in Gainsborough haunted?

The centre plans to reopen in December 2020, but in the past tables have lifted off the floor, orbs have appeared on camera and there have been reports of music playing, as well as lights being switched on after rooms have been checked and locked.

The area of West Lindsey is currently in tier one of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions and the local district council is encouraging people to enjoy Halloween safely and share spooky tales they have experienced in the local area of the years.

Lisa Weller, Box Office and Administration Manager at Trinity Arts Centre, said: “We’ve had numerous ghost hunts here at Trinity Arts Centre, and they’ve never disappointed.

“Things usually happen which leave us all either unable to explain what we have just seen, or heading for the exits!

“In the past, we have had tables lifting off the floor, orbs appearing on the cameras and many reports of music playing or lights being switched on after the rooms have been checked and locked.

“I have worked here since 1997 and even now after all these years sometimes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, especially when being backstage.

“We even have CCTV footage that looks like a ghostly image of a woman caught walking through walls!”

Coronavirus restrictions have disrupted several Halloween plans and events, but West Lindsey District Council, and Lincolnshire Resilience Forum have launched alternative safe activities and games on social media.

Councillor Owen Bierley, Leader of the WLDC, said: “Halloween is a popular and community celebration in West Lindsey, with events and celebrations often taking place over the days leading up-to and including the 31st.

“Things will be different this year, but we can still enjoy ourselves safely and responsibly, and I am excited to hear and discover all the innovative and unique ways residents have continued to embrace the spooky season, while protecting each other at the same time!”