October 9, 2020 10.29 am This story is over 14 months old

Lincolnshire Police opens weapons amnesty at five stations

150 weapons already off the streets

Weapons can now be anonymously put in to secure bins at police stations across Lincolnshire after 150 were already seized or handed in.

Operation Raptor was launched at the end of 2019 to help reduce offences involving weapons on the west of the county before being extended across Lincolnshire.

Items previously handed into police or seized through stop searches and targeted enforcement include knives, firearms, BB guns, tasers, CS canisters, knuckle dusters and crossbows.

People can now hand in weapons from October 8 in to secure bins in the reception areas of the police stations in Lincoln, Grantham, Boston, Skegness and Spalding. They will remain in place until December 18.

It means people can deposit weapons or imitations in these bins and remain completely anonymous, but the amnesty does not apply to firearms as checks need to be made to ensure one was legitimately held.

Anyone wishing to surrender a firearm or who has come across one should call 101 or speak with the front desk at any of the participating stations.

It will not be used as an opportunity to investigate anyone who takes part in the amnesty and there will be no questions asked. The amnesty applies only at the point of surrender and not for any offences committed prior to this.

Detective Inspector Dave Harrop says: “Lincolnshire is an incredibly safe place but we still take every opportunity to reduce the number of weapons in the county.

“We hope that this amnesty will take even more out of circulation that could have otherwise been used in violence or to intimidate.

“If you’re wondering if a weapon can go in the bin or not, the rule is if it doesn’t go bang it can go in the can.

“This is just part of Operation Raptor, and we are constantly working to prevent crimes involving weapons, educate our county’s young people about the dangers and consequences, and where suitable, to rehabilitate those that been involved in carrying weapons.”

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