November 5, 2020 10.53 am This story is over 35 months old

Lincolnshire Police: “Work with us to fight COVID and keep people safe”

He doesn’t want heavy-handed coronavirus policing

Lincolnshire Police’s Chief Constable Bill Skelly says he is confident the county will come out of the coronavirus lockdown stronger if people comply with government guidance and rules.

A second national lockdown began on Thursday, November 5 and will run until at least December 2 as the government attempts to stop the rise in coronavirus cases.

Chief Constable Skelly said: “The policing approach in Lincolnshire has been to engage with you, to explain the rules, to encourage you to comply with them, and on very rare occasions when it’s felt that that encouragement hasn’t been enough, to enforce the law.”

He added: “We are facing challenges around this national lockdown but if we do so together, if we comply with the advice of government, and the rules and the laws, then I’m sure we’ll come out of it stronger and that we can face a brighter future.”

The recruitment process for a new chief constable ahead of Bill Skelly’s retirement in December is ongoing.

See the full new lockdown guidance here.