November 16, 2020 11.52 am This story is over 35 months old

Rare octopus visits Cleethorpes beach

A special visitor looking for food

A rare octopus has been discovered on Cleethorpes beach and people have been warned not to touch or disturb it.

The octopus appeared during the afternoon of Friday, November 13 by the rock groyne, but photos circulated online at the wooden groyne where the majority of people saw the eight-limbed mollusc.

Manny Rodgers, Deputy Resort Manager for Cleethorpes, told The Lincolnite he has worked at the beach for 12 years and had never seen an octopus there until now.

A rare discovery of an octopus in Cleethorpes. | Photo: Manny Rodgers/Cleethorpes Beach Safety

He said: “It was amazing and encouraging to see the biodiversity is improving.

“It is a special site of scientific interest so it is good to see a lot of wildlife here.”

Cleethorpes Beach Safety, the resort officer team for the beach, said: “Many of you may now be aware that an octopus has visited Cleethorpes beach.

“Octopuses enjoy scrambling across the rocks to plunge-in and plunder nearby tide pools for food.

“We are asking that members of public please do not touch/disturb it.

“We’ve had a few close calls from people walking through the rock pools and letting dogs get near it.

“Please let nature be nature and do not interfere. Thank you!”