November 10, 2020 2.53 pm This story is over 36 months old

YouTuber becomes first to beat Horncastle breakfast challenge

He even stayed for dessert after

A popular YouTuber has uploaded his triumph over an eating challenge in Horncastle, becoming the first to beat it so far.

KyleVfood is a professional competitive eater from Sunderland with almost 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, as well as having over three million video views since he joined the platform.

For his latest video, he took on the Tiger Loaf Challenge at Munch & Go, which was undefeated before Kyle arrived.

A mammoth task for most, but one that KyleVfood enjoyed. | Photo: KyleVfood

The breakfast challenge consists of ten sausages, eight pieces of bacon, a tin and a half of beans, eight hash browns and four fried eggs inside a full tiger bread loaf, all to be eaten within 45 minutes.

From very early on, you could tell this challenge wouldn’t faze Kyle. | Photo: KyleVfood

It costs £20 to enter, but you get the meal free if you complete it, as well as a £50 prize for the first person to complete it, which Kyle gladly accepted.

Kyle is the proud winner of £50 for completing the challenge. | Photo: KyleVfood

He finished the challenge in 22 minutes and 57 seconds, even leaving enough time and space to fit in dessert before he left.

The Tiger loaf challenge was no match for KyleVfood. | Photo: Munch & Go Horncastle

He really enjoyed the food, and praised Munch & Go on their “spot on” sausages” despite there being “a lot of bread”.

Kyle famously once ate the entire Five Guys menu, so it comes as little surprise that he was the person to defeat the Tiger Loaf Challenge.

He is the second popular eating challenge YouTuber to conquer an undefeated Lincolnshire challenge, as BeardMeatsFood recently defeated the ‘Heart Attack’ at Harty’s Cafe in North Hykeham.