January 21, 2021 4.49 pm This story is over 34 months old

Persistent pothole problems plague A15 drivers

Damaging cars and putting lives at risk

Drivers on the A15 between Sleaford and Lincoln are frustrated with the amount of potholes that are emerging on the road, damaging their cars and putting lives at risk.

One motorist told The Lincolnite that he hit a pothole while driving from Lincoln towards Sleaford on Wednesday evening, causing damage to his car.

Tom Scutt drove through a particularly large pothole and ended up flattening a tyre and breaking a wheel arch.

One of the A15 potholes damaged this car, which needed roadside recovery. | Photo: Tom Scutt

He also said that in the time it took a recovery vehicle and police to attend the scene, a further seven cars hit the same pothole and damaged their tyres.

The size of the potholes has been described as “outrageous” and “dangerous”, causing mayhem on the A15 ever since they emerged.

Tom noted that spray paint marks had been placed around the holes by the council, but you can’t see them in the dark.

Lincolnshire County Council has sprayed around the potholes, but visibility is low in the dark. | Photo: Tom Scutt

It isn’t the first time issues were raised about the road’s pothole problem in 2021, with “craters” appearing near the Brauncewell junction earlier in January.

Lincolnshire County Council said that it will bring forward plans to resurface the road in 2021, as a response to the complaints.

One of multiple potholes on the stretch of the A15. | Photo: Andrew Hodder

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire County Council said: “Crews will continue to go out and repair potholes along this stretch, and we’re still planning to get it resurfaced as soon as we can.”

Richard Davies, executive member for highways at LCC, previously said: “The very wet and then very cold weather we’ve had since Christmas has caused multiple potholes to form very quickly on this section of the A15.”

To report a pothole, visit the Lincolnshire County Council website.