January 15, 2021 4.58 pm This story is over 33 months old

Tortoise rescued from flooding while in hibernation

Alexander is now safe and back in hibernation

A tortoise was rescued near Lincoln after flooding disturbed its hibernation and left it in a dangerous situation.

Alexander, a 13-year-old pet tortoise owned by Dunholme resident Stewart Green, was in the middle of hibernation when heavy rain and flooding hit the village on Thursday.

Stewart described the back gardens on Tennyson Drive as “lakes” and said that the back doors were being sandbagged and the fire brigade were pumping water from gardens to protect homes from flooding.

Tennyson Drive in Dunholme was hit with serious flooding on Thursday. | Photo: Diana Johnson

He told The Lincolnite that Alexander usually hibernates in his hedgehog house inside Stewart’s greenhouse, where he will rest from September until spring, but this year he fancied a change.

Alexander was hibernating underneath the compost where Stewart’s tomatoes were growing.

As the flooding got worse and water rose, it was apparent that Alexander was in trouble, so Stewart had to disturb his pet’s sleep to move him into his hedgehog home, where he is now safe and sound.

He dug Alexander out of his compost shelter and moved him into his wooden house, where he now rests under a bed of hay until spring.

Stewart said: “Alexander is now fast asleep again under some hay in his hedgehog house.”

Alexander is back in hibernation, and would like to not be disturbed for a while!