February 3, 2021 10.51 am This story is over 32 months old

Slithering surprise as foot-long snake found in Lincoln home

A hiss-covery in the dining room

The RSPCA are looking for the owner of an orange corn snake that was found in someone’s dining room in Lincoln.

The animal welfare charity were called by police on Thursday, January 28 after a Lincoln resident reported a snake in their house on Scorer Street.

It was found in the corner of the dining room, not moving, before RSPCA inspector Kate Burris came and contained the foot-long reptile.

Kate took the exotic pet to a reptile specialist for a check-up and care, and is now hoping to return the animal to its rightful owner.

She said: “It must have been a bit of a shock for this member of the public to find a snake inside their house. I think it was probably the last thing they were expecting to find!

“He’s a little underweight which makes me think he’s been missing or possibly abandoned for a while and had probably been living under their floorboards.

“As there is a possibility that this snake has escaped, it is a timely reminder to snake owners that they must ensure that their animals’ accommodation is secure.”

If anyone finds a snake that they believe to be non-native, they are being encouraged to keep a safe distance, monitor the animal and call the RSPCA helpline on 0300 1234999.