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Spilsby man explains ‘Why the world needs Lincolnshire’ in YouTube series

Watch five of the nine episodes released so far

A former cruise ship and Butlin’s entertainer with a passion for history has produced his own YouTube series about the county as some people “don’t realise just how much is here”.

Karl Bird, 43, from Spilsby had performed in a few plays when attending Spilsby High School before being hired as a singing Redcoat for Butlin’s at the age of 18.

After travelling the world on cruise ships with Carnival Cruiseline between 2001 to 2014, Karl returned to Lincolnshire to spend time with his poorly mother who sadly died in 2018.

Karl currently works part-time doing film review shows for BBC Radio Lincolnshire and has also worked as a self-employed singer.

In his spare time, Karl worked with his dad Maurice, who was a cameraman on their documentary. It was originally going to be a one-off longer film and ended up turning into a nine episode YouTube series called ‘Why the world needs Lincolnshire’.

Karl produced the YouTube series with his dad Maurice.

They tried to travel to every corner of Lincolnshire starting in 2019 and the first episode of the YouTube series aired in January this year.

Karl sadly lost his dad in January, who was a script writer for famous comedian Ken Dodd during the 1970s and 80s and this features in episode two of the series.

He was pleased they were able to share the filming journey together about the county they both love.

Karl performing one of his shows on a cruise ship in Australia.

Karl told The Lincolnite: “To me Lincolnshire is definitely about the people and the community and how we all pull together.

“It is a very close knit community, but we are also quieter about it and I feel as a county we all need to be proud of everything we achieve. We are humble in Lincolnshire and don’t really shout about all the great things and people from here.

“Lincolnshire is a place that is very unsung. 99% of what is in Lincolnshire is unknown to many outside of it. It is steeped in history and beautiful landscapes and historic places, but if you think you know Lincolnshire you don’t, there is so much to it.”

He added that people as far afield as America and Australia have tuned in to watch his series, with episode six of nine due to be released on Wednesday, February 24.

Episode six will focus on world’s firsts including topics such as the tallest spire in Louth, Margaret Thatcher, and the first barcode in Britain being scanned at a supermarket in Spalding.

Looking ahead to the future, Karl said he has several other projects pending. He wants to do another YouTube series encouraging people to travel and go to film locations around the UK.

He also wants to do a documentary about inspirational authors across the United Kingdom whose books have been turned into films.

Why the world needs Lincolnshire

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