February 5, 2021 4.42 pm This story is over 33 months old

Two cats and three more dogs found neglected in Lincolnshire kennels

Over 30 neglected animals had to suffer

Two cats and a further three dogs are now in RSPCA care after being found in poor condition at the same property in the Skegness area where over 26 neglected animal were discovered.

The recent discovery came after the RSPCA was alerted to the plight of what was originally believed to be 30 neglected dogs last month. Some had to have their fur shaved off and many had to have dental work.

It has since been clarified that there were 26 dogs, who were found with badly matted fur and covered in faeces, before a further three were taken into RSPCA care.

The RSPCA said on Friday, February 5 that the three Belgian-Shepherd-type dogs are now in the care of Radcliffe Animal Centre in Nottingham, meaning a total of 29 canines have been rescued relating to this investigation.

Two female cats were also signed over into RSPCA care. One cat called Purdy, aged around 5, had untreated cat flu which had affected her eyes. Sadly, one of them was so badly damaged it had to be removed.

A female cat called Purdy before and after her operation. | Photo: RSPCA

After surgery, the charity said she now seems more comfortable and content.

Her feline friend Penny, who is a similar age, was heavily pregnant and was also found to have cat flu.

She sadly had a miscarriage at the weekend and it was found that she had a womb infection. She has since been neutered and is recovering.

Ella Carpenter, manager at the centre, said: “Both cats will stay with us to help them recover from recent stressful events and once they are ready they will be found a loving home.

“These two cats are an example of just how important it is to keep vaccinations up-to-date to protect against cat flu – neutering cats can also prevent dangerous infection of the womb.”

In addition, three male Belgian Shepherd-type dogs from the same address were handed into the care of the centre last week from the same property.

The dogs are called Zen, aged 8, Kato and Cairo, both aged 4.

They were not suffering from the matting of the longer haired smaller breeds, but their coats were described as foul smelling due to the long-term kennel conditions they had been kept in.

A German Shepherd dog called Kato, aged 4. | Photo: RSPCA

They joined three German Shepherds who were previously signed over from the same property, who are in a rehabilitation programme.

They are called Spider, 6, Tia, 10, and Voodoo, 6.

Three of the dogs found neglected in Skegness before and after their transformations. | Photo: RSPCA

Two of the dogs after matts were removed. | Photo: RSPCA

The moment the first 26 dogs were rescued from neglect by the RSPCA was captured on video, showcasing their much-needed makeover.

A further video below shows the rehabilitation of the matted dogs and their transformation.

The Lincolnite previously asked the RSPCA what action has been or will be taken against the owner and if there would be any further investigation.

The charity said that due to GDPR reasons it was unable to disclose what action has been taken.