March 16, 2021 10.36 am This story is over 32 months old

Historic water wheel at Sleaford mill to be restored

River Slea to drive the mill once again

The water wheel at Cogglesford Watermill in Sleaford will be driven by the River Slea once again with £51,000 restoration and works being funded by North Kesteven District Council.

It dates back to Saxon times and is thought to be the only Sheriff’s watermill still in operation in England, but it is currently closed due to coronavirus restrictions except for virtual tours that can be found here.

The mill’s historic stones currently grind using electricity. Issues with the water wheel were identified in 2018 before the decision was taken to rely solely on the back-up electricity motor to protect it from further damage.

There will be £30,500 of repair works, as well as a further £20,500 from the district council to fund an improved experience for visitors to Cogglesford Watermill.

Both tranches of the works are expected to start in late spring with a view to being completed in early summer, so the mill can reopen as a popular heritage attraction.

The mill’s back-up motor will remain in place to provide any extra power needed. The works aren’t expected to impact the paths and walkways surrounding the mill.

The works will hopefully mean it can mill on a more regular basis than just the monthly milling currently possible.

The mill’s back-up motor will remain in place to provide any extra power needed. | Photo: NKDC

Councillor Richard Wright, Leader at North Kesteven District Council, said: “It’s incredibly important to ensure our history and heritage in North Kesteven lives on, both for our enjoyment now and for the benefit of future generations, through such sites as Cogglesford Watermill and we’re very proud to offer it as a visitor attraction in the Heart of Lincolnshire.

“Witnessing the grind of its millstones provides a wonderful living, moving link back to the past. To see and hear the waterwheel turn once more from the waters of the River Slea will be a wonderful moment.”