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Campaigners hit back at resubmitted chicken farm plans near Grantham

More chicken farm plans in Lincolnshire

A previously-rejected 270,000 intensive chicken farm near Grantham has received backlash from animal rights campaigners after plans have been resubmitted to the council.

South Kesteven District Council rejected the proposals in February 2020 due to concerns from the Woodland Trust over the impact of ammonia on a nearby ancient woodland.

This is the second time in a week PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has put pressure on a Lincolnshire council over chicken farm plans. Last week, West Lindsey District Council approved an egg farm with 32,000 hens in Laughterton.

If approved in South Kesteven’s Planning Committee next Wednesday, the plans will see a six-shed farm built at High Dike, in Great Ponton.

Elisa Allen, PETA UK’s director said: “South Kesteven District Council has a duty to the taxpaying public, not to a bullying business that will bring misery and death to thousands of sensitive animals – it’s that simple.

“Knowing that on industrial broiler farms, chickens are reared to grow so large that some cannot even stand or support their own unnatural weight and the ammonia from their accumulated waste burns their lungs and skin, how could the council possibly allow such an operation?

“This disgusting factory farm would be a blight on the local landscape and devastating for the community and the environment.

“For the sake of millions of birds – this facility would house up to 270,000 at a time – and local residents, councillors must honour their original decision and reject this proposal.”

PETA gifted the council a vegan hamper as thanks for rejecting initial proposals.

Site layout plans for the chicken farm.

Developers RSK ADAS Ltd said: “The proposed development is needed to meet an existing market demand for UK sourced poultry.

“It is economically and environmentally preferable to meet this demand through diversification of developing new sites, such as at land near Railway Farm, which will breathe new industry into the rural economy of Grantham.”

Previously, a nearby school said parents had threatened to remove their children and that its existence was “under threat”.

Councillors were also angered by a “threatening” and “intimidating” letter from the applicant’s solicitor.

The Woodland Trust has maintained its objection to the application with regards to the ancient woodland.

A report before councillors next Wednesday says an appeal to the decision was made, but later withdrawn.

Compared to 144 objections and a 25,000 signature petition last year, only 13 households have raised concerns to this latest application.

The application is also supported by Great Ponton Parish Council and no objections have been received from the Environment Agency, Lincolnshire County Council Highways or Natural England.

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