April 9, 2021 5.49 pm This story is over 31 months old

Woman sectioned after rape joke on Lincoln war memorial

The graffiti caused a lot of anger

A woman believed to be responsible for a “highly offensive and inappropriate” graffiti on the war memorial on Lincoln High Street has been sectioned under the mental health act.

Memorials and tributes to Sarah Everard in Lincoln were tarnished by rude markings and crude jokes. An offensive rape joke was found on the wall of the war memorial on St Benedict’s Square, which itself had been surrounded by chalk markings. The wording said “Batman is here to rape you.”

This came after powerful messages had been etched onto the pavement of the High Street, with victims sharing their stories and damning statistics of female safety in society.

A woman identified by police via CCTV is working with mental health professionals, while the force said they will work with the local council to keep the city free of graffiti.

Lincoln Police posted on social media on Friday, April 9 saying: “The graffiti contained a comment about rape which was highly offensive and inappropriate.

“This understandably caused anger and distress to those who value the memorial and its significanc,e along with those who were present that day to demonstrate about sexual abuse against women.

“We investigated this and identified a woman who we believe to be responsible via CCTV. However she was sectioned under the mental health act shortly after the offence.

“We then worked with mental health professionals which helped us to understand that it would not be appropriate for us to seek a prosecution in this case.

“Thank you to all who reported this graffiti to us and alongside the council, we will continue to do what we can to keep the city free of it.

“We understand the distress this graffiti has caused and we hope this provides a suitable explanation as to why no prosecution will be pursued.”

Lincoln Police’s statement about the incident.