June 8, 2021 3.55 pm This story is over 13 months old

Lincoln traffic calmer on second day of Pelham Bridge closure

Much easier driving through Lincoln today

Traffic in Lincoln is flowing a lot smoother on the second day of the 10-week closure of Pelham Bridge.

The bridge, a key commuting area for many parts of Lincoln, closed on Monday, June 7 for repair works that are expected to last up to ten weeks.

Congestion in the city centre became a bit of an issue for drivers on Monday, but things seem to have calmed down more in the second day of closures.

Still a few slow-moving areas, but an improvement on Monday’s traffic. | Photo: Google Maps

As part of the closures, drivers are being encouraged to use the Lincoln Eastern Bypass as regularly as possible.

The bypass is coping well with the additional traffic, still showing ‘green’ traffic sensors on Google.

Traffic can drive up to the bridge but must turn before approaching it. | Photo: The Lincolnite

Diversion routes are also in place along the East West Link Road and Tentercroft Street, crossing University Bridge and using Newland and Wigford Way, rejoining Melville Street.

Pelham Bridge will be undergoing resurfacing works on the road, as well as having expansion joints replaced and a new course of water-proofing installed.

Also, a new barrier will be installed between the footpath and the road to increase safety for pedestrians.

Construction has begun on Pelham Bridge in Lincoln. | Photo: The Lincolnite

Pelham Bridge has been fenced off ahead of its ten week closure. | Photo: The Lincolnite

Richard Waters, structures engineer at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “Thanks to residents for bearing with us whilst we do these essential repairs on Pelham Bridge.

“We’re doing the work now because traffic is lightest over the bridge during the summer, and the new bypass has helped take some of the traffic out of the centre.

“The maintenance work we’re doing now will prevent serious damage to the bridge, and help us avoid a more extensive and disruptive repair project in the future.

“As with the start of any major scheme, it can take a couple of days for drivers to get used to the diversion and find alternative routes. We are of course monitoring the traffic situation across the city closely.

“We’re still advising drivers – even if they wouldn’t usually use Pelham Bridge – to use the bypass and travel at less busy times where possible, to help ease congestion in the centre.”

No pedestrian access onto the bridge for the duration of works. | Photo: The Lincolnite