June 7, 2021 9.42 am This story is over 13 months old

Over £9.2k raised for funerals of Louth murder victims

The suspect will be back in court in July

Over £9,200 has now been raised as people continue to donate towards the funerals of 26-year-old Bethany Vincent and her nine-year-old son Darren Henson, who were tragically stabbed to death in their home in Louth.

Bethany and Darren were found by paramedics on High Holme Road at around 8.29pm on Monday, May 31. Police were informed by the ambulance service and when they attended the scene they found the victims had multiple stab wounds. A baby was also found at the property, well and safe, and is being cared for.

Bethany’s ex-partner Daniel Boulton was arrested after a large-scale manhunt on June 1, where he allegedly stabbed a police officer who confronted him. Officers then tasered and apprehended the 29-year-old.

Double murder suspect Daniel Boulton resisted arrest following a manhunt in Louth | Photo: BBC

Large areas of Louth were cordoned off while investigations and the manhunt took place. | Photo: John Aron

He was charged with murdering his ex-partner and her young son. He was also charged with assaulting a police officer with intent to resist arrest and a further offence of burglary at Hubbards Hills Cottage in Halfpenny Lane, Louth, where it is alleged clothing, food and drink were stolen between May 30 and June 2.

No charges were put to him when he appeared in court and Judge John Pini QC remanded Boulton in custody to appear before the Crown Court on July 5 for a plea and trial preparation hearing.

Rochelle Clare set up a GoFundMe page last week and the total has soared up further in recent days, with £9,298 raised by the time of publication – make a donation here.

A GoFundMe page was set up to raise money towards the funerals of Louth murder victims Bethany Vincent and Darren Henson.

Flowers can be seen outside the home of the victims. | Photo: Jon Aron

Rochelle said: “Let’s help support this family. Louth is a small town. You may not know the family as I don’t, but we can all say we can all sympathise with the family.”

As well as donations, over 40 people left their condolences and tributes on the fundraising page, including Seana Charles who said: “This story has shocked me to the core. As a mother to a 7-year-old, I can’t begin to understand what this poor family is going through.

“My heart goes out to the little boy’s Dad and to the parents of Bethany. Rest in peace, two beautiful angels.”

Rachel Blake added: “Rest in peace Beth and DJ, both taken far far too soon. Still can’t believe this has happened. My heart breaks for all your family, friends and loved ones. You will be so missed.”