October 1, 2021 2.00 pm

A Lincolnshire Co-op funeral plan provides peace of mind for you and your family

A personal and professional service

Unlike other key moments in our lives – such as weddings or births – many of us don’t like to think about our own funeral, or that of our loved ones. 

It’s understandable of course, however, it really does pay to plan ahead. Thinking ahead to your funeral is a way of looking after your nearest and dearest.

With a Lincolnshire Co-op funeral plan, they’ll have peace of mind. That’s because when your funeral arrangements are entrusted to us, we make sure relatives have no more to worry about than necessary. 

We offer a personal and professional service from modern facilities in your area, and you’re welcome to pop in for a cup of tea and a chat. 

Our caring funeral colleagues can take you through all your requirements and a variety of personal touches.  

Co-op Boston Funeral Home

We can provide unique transport, from our own traditional vehicles to horse-drawn carriages and even a motorcycle-hearse. 

Music, readings and flowers or even the release of doves are some of the many other personal options available, and we employ memorial masons who can produce unique tributes.

Our colleagues organise and carry out funerals themselves, so you’ll have complete peace of mind. 

We’re also clear about the price we set. There are two different types of cost – the funeral director’s charges and the disbursements paid to third parties. 

The disbursements you include in a plan with us are fully covered, so once they’re paid, your loved ones won’t need to pay more at the time of the funeral as may be the case with most other plan providers.

We’ve signed the Fair Funerals pledge to prove we’re committed to transparent pricing and helping people find a funeral that’s affordable.  

And whatever is included in a funeral plan, we want to look after the person who needs it. 

Between 1st October and 31st October 2021, we’re offering a minimum £200 discount or a minimum £200 dividend on funeral director’s charges when you buy a Lincolnshire Co-op funeral plan, depending on which payment option you choose. 

Find out more on our website or contact your local branch.

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