October 5, 2021 1.45 pm This story is over 25 months old

Buses wishing Merry Christmas in October and 5G masts shrinking manhood: That’s Lincoln for you!

Seriously, what on earth is going on at the moment?!

It was quite a surreal day on Monday, but despite social media platforms going into meltdown for hours, it was 5G masts and Merry Christmas messages on buses that got the people of Lincoln talking.

Before Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp suffered an outage that lasted six hours on Monday, two pictures were posted into the You’re Probably From Lincoln If… Facebook group that caught the eye of many.

The first photo saw a Stagecoach bus with quite an alarming memo on it. Yes, on Monday, October 4, a bus had the words “Merry Christmas” on its electronic message board.

Someone at Stagecoach is getting the Christmas messages in VERY early this year. | Photo: Lorraine Angel

I love Christmas, I don’t love it to the point of celebrating it 82 days early, but after the last 18 months we have had, can anyone blame Stagecoach for trying to lift the mood a little?

That wasn’t it, though, as there was still time for one more dose of ridiculousness on the YPFLI Facebook group.

While driving down Tritton Road in Lincoln on Monday, Lisa Reilly noticed a sign on a fence which suggested that the installation of 5G masts gave someone a rather unfortunate side effect in the trouser department.

I’ve heard a few 5G conspiracies in my time, but this is a new one… | Photo: Lisa Reilly

In an age where it is crucial that misinformation is called out, I feel it is my duty to tell you that this is more than likely not true, though I cannot be 100% certain for you I’m afraid as I don’t know the person who designed the eloquently put message.

If you are this unfortunate person, then do please get in touch, we are intrigued to hear about your clearly traumatic experience with the 5G masts.

Days like this really make you appreciative of the place you reside. Lincoln, I beg of you, please never change.