October 25, 2021 12.51 pm

Lincoln Police lash out at ‘entitled and misguided’ drunk youngsters on night out

He said “some need to grow up”

A sergeant at Lincolnshire Police said ‘some people need to grow up’ as he hit out at the “sense of entitlement” from late night revellers after a weekend of trouble in Lincoln.

Sergeant Mike Templeman said he could have filled the cells up at least threefold on Saturday night, after being asked if police could revisit Section 5 of the Public Order Act, which relates to harassment, alarm or distress.

He posted on Twitter over the weekend saying: “Lots of disorder around the city last night. The sense of entitlement from people, especially drunk younger people and their misguided belief they can say what they want to police simply trying to do their job, is simply astonishing. Some need to grow up, drink less and learn some respect.”

Another person suggested that any drunk and disorderly acts on a night out should be “rewarded with the 6am clean up of the streets” as a “wake up call”.

Sergeant Templeman responded: “Don’t get me started on the rubbish. The early morning Lincolnshire County Council street cleaners are legends every weekend.”

When asked about revisiting Section 5 of the Public Order Act, he replied: “I’d have filled the cells up at least threefold last night (Saturday) if I’d have gone down that route every time and I need cops on high visibility patrols due to disorder, not constantly in the holding cells. Each job risk assessed obviously.”

Sergeant Mike Templeman also responded to people in the comments with his views on the matter.



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