October 26, 2021 11.36 am

Sincil Bank cleanup uncovers used needle, mounted fish heads and trolleys

A box of “macabre” mounted pike heads were found

Volunteers have again been cleaning up the Sincil Bank area of Lincoln, collecting car tyres, a road sign, shopping trolleys and even a used needle in a bid to make the streets tidier.

The cleanup was organised by volunteers at Sincil Bank Lincoln RiverCare and Litter Pick Group, as an army of people armed with litter picking devices took to the streets of Lincoln on Saturday, October 23.

The litter picks take place monthly, and despite having reduced numbers this time around, the group managed to collect a large hoard of rubbish.

The cleanup team were hard at work again in the Lincoln area. | Photo: Nick Rawsthorne

Volunteers took to the Hermit Street and Portland Street areas first, where numerous empty cans of beer and broken glass bottles had to be cleared from what looked like a party aftermath.

Drug paraphernalia was also found in the area in the form of a used needle, which was safely disposed of due to the health risks that come with potentially coming into contact with used syringes.

What appears to be a party aftermath in the Hermit Street/Portland Street zone. | Photo: Nick Rawsthorne

The items collected include a bike frame pulled from a drain, a games console, two shopping trolleys, two car tyres, a bag of clothes and a television without a screen.

Volunteers meet monthly for the litter pick. | Photo: Nick Rawsthorne

The cleanup operation takes place around the Sincil Bank area of the city. | Photo: Nick Rawsthorne

As well as this, the volunteers collected 45 face masks, 155 cans, 65 glass bottles, 55 plastic bottle containers and 20 bags.

The volunteers were fishing items out of the river. | Photo: Nick Rawsthorne

Perhaps the most bizarre find was a box full of mounted pike heads, which were described as “macabre” upon discovery.

A pretty harrowing find on a litter pick. | Photo: Nick Rawsthorne

Nick Rawsthorne said of the pike heads: “We know Halloween is now very close, but to find a box full of mounted pike heads was totally unexpected. A rather bizarre find and a sad reflection on how some treat local wildlife.”

All smiles for October’s litter pick. | Photo: Nick Rawsthorne

The next litter pick from the group will be on November 20, and to check out more of the great work done by Sincil Bank Lincoln RiverCare and Litter Pick Group, check out their Facebook page.

Teams were leaving no stone unturned. | Photo: Nick Rawsthorne

Another successful meet-up for the volunteers. | Photo: Nick Rawsthorne

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