October 30, 2021 8.52 am

The cheapest places to get fuel in Lincoln this weekend

Latest Unleaded and Diesel prices in Lincoln

With petrol prices soaring this week due to a global increase in the cost of oil, The Lincolnite is bringing you the latest fuel comparison updates across Lincoln.

As reported previously, the UK’s average petrol price spiked to 142.94p a litre – the highest since April 2012, according to RAC Fuel Watch data.

The price spiked by 28p a litre in just one year, driven primarily by rising oil prices, as well as September’s switch to the greener E10 petrol, which has a greater ethanol percentage than the previous E5.

It isn’t believed to be connected to the fuel frenzy earlier this year, which saw drivers across the country scramble to fill up their cars amid rumours of a shortage.

PetrolPrices.com is a comparison site for localised fuel station prices and is updated regularly.

Here are the prices for Lincoln stations, listed from cheapest to most expensive – prices given are the latest updates available and are subject to on-the-day adjustments.

The cheapest places to buy Unleaded in Lincoln:

  1. Sainsbury’s Lincoln – 138.9p
  2. Unbranded Canwick Road (Pitstop Canwick Hill) – 140.9p
  3. Asda Lincoln – 140.9p
  4. Morrisons Lincoln – 141.9p
  5. Esso Sleaford Road – 141.9p
  6. Gulf Carholme Road (Co-op) – 142.9p
  7. Gulf Riseholme Road (Co-op) – 142.9p
  8. Tesco Lincoln Canwick Road- 143.9p
  9. Tesco Lincoln Wragby Road – 143.9p
  10. Shell Skellingthorpe Road – 143.9p
  11. BP Doddington Road – 143.9p
  12. Jet Lincoln Wragby Road – 144.9p
  13. Shell Burton Road – 145.9p
  14. Shell Searby Road – 145.9p
  15. Esso Newark Road – 146.9p

The cheapest places to buy Diesel in Lincoln:

  1. Morrisons Lincoln – 142.9p
  2. Sainsbury’s Lincoln – 142.9p
  3. Gulf Carholme Road (Co-op) – 143.9p
  4. Tesco Lincoln Canwick Road- 143.9p
  5. Tesco Lincoln Wragby Road – 143.9p
  6. Gulf Riseholme Road (Co-op) – 143.9p
  7. Asda Lincoln – 144.9p
  8. Shell Burton Road – 146.9p
  9. Jet Lincoln Wragby Road – 146.9p
  10. Esso Sleaford Road – 146.9p
  11. Total Lincoln Waddington – 146.9p
  12. Shell Searby Road – 148.9p
  13. Esso Newark Road – 149.9p
  14. Shell Skellingthorpe Road – 149.9p

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