October 7, 2021 11.16 am

Conservatives ‘getting on with job’ unlike “captain hindsight” Keir Starmer, says Lincoln MP

Karl McCartney attended the Tory Party Conference this week

Lincoln MP Karl McCartney has announced his full support for the Prime Minister after attending the Conservative Party conference this week.

McCartney, who has served as member of parliament for Lincoln since December 2019, when he regained his seat from Labour in the most recent general election, called this year’s conference “hugely positive” as he gathered with his fellow Conservative members in Manchester Central between October 3 and 6.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave a speech on Thursday in which he announced numerous plans and pledges to help the country “build back better” and “level up” following the hardship of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Johnson pledged to control immigration in order to boost working wages, as well as boosting infrastructure to help the economy recover from the pandemic.

The PM also announced that the Tories would invest in the private sector in order to continue delivering the vaccine rollout, as well as aiming for the country to go net zero carbon by 2050.

Among other key talking points was deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab saying misogyny is “absolutely wrong whether it’s a man against a woman or woman against a man”. The definition of misogyny is a dislike of contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.

Karl McCartney told The Lincolnite: “This week’s Conservative Party conference, which I attended along with various members and Councillors from Lincolnshire, was hugely positive and a great forum to discuss our priorities and policies.

“I fully support the priorities of this ambitious Conservative government as it delivers for the British people. Levelling up locally by delivering strategic infrastructure in Lincolnshire, reforming social care and delivering on key projects such as the Towns Fund.”

Mr McCartney also reserved some words for the opposition, describing Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer as “captain hindsight” much like Prime Minister Boris Johnson did in his speech at the conference on Thursday.

The Lincoln MP said: “Unlike captain hindsight and the Labour Party, this Government is getting on with the day job and delivering for the British people.”

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