November 3, 2021 12.27 pm

Lincoln City fans smash fundraising target to aid Stacey West Stand development

A real team effort from the supporters

A collective group of Lincoln City supporters have raised more than £8,500 for the Stacey West Stand expansion at the LNER Stadium.

Plans were made by The Red Imps Community Trust to develop and increase the size of the iconic Stacey West Stand and Lincoln City’s stadium, as well as funding for a new home for the club’s community work.

The whole expansion project is aiming to raise up to £500,000 as part of the £2 million development, which will add a second tier to the Stacey West Stand and increase stadium capacity by up to 1,500.

TV presenter Gabby Logan, who was at the game of the Bradford fire in 1985 which took the lives of the two Lincoln City supporters the Stacey West Stand is named after, recently lent her support to the development project.

TV personality Gabby Logan has voiced her support for the Stacey West Stand expansion, 36 years after the tragic Bradford fire which she was in attendance for. | Photo: The Red Imps Community Trust

Fans from Vital Lincoln City, The Stacey West Blog, Imptoons, the Lady Imps Supporters Association and Burton Road Chippy opened a fundraiser to allow Imps followers the chance to invest in the project.

This was done due to minimum investment for backing the stand development being set at £500, meaning many fans would be unable to do so on their own.

The Stacey West Stand expansion will increase capacity as well as provide a new home for community work. | Photo: Lincoln City FC

The fundraiser was opened in September and is due to close on Monday, November 8. It has absolutely smashed the £5,000 total that was initially set, with the total standing at £8,788 at the time of reporting.

As well as this, Vital Lincoln City has pledged to match donations up to a maximum of £1,000 until the deadline on Monday, as a final attempt to raise funds. You can still donate by visiting the Paypal page here.

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