December 10, 2021 11.06 am

Cleethorpes restaurant tells PM to “take a long walk off a short cliff”

“He’s not getting an invite to our party,” the restaurant said

A French restaurant in Cleethorpes has stirred the pot surrounding the Prime Minister’s ‘Plan B’ announcement, saying they wanted to tell Boris Johnson “to take a long walk off a short cliff”.

Local Brasserie Petit Delight located on Sea View Street in Cleethorpes made no bones about its feeling towards the PM in a social media rant, saying “thought we’d seen the end of those incredibly boring announcements, but alas”.

Alongside the restaurant’s longer statement, it said: “Aside from wanting to publicly tell Boris to take a long walk off a short cliff here is what we have to say about the news this evening. He’s not getting an invite to our party.”

The restaurant went on to tell customers that it “would like all of our guests over the festive period to come in, enjoy and celebrate in whichever way you feel the most comfortable”, and will leave the decision on mask wearing up to each individual.

It added: “What we would also like is to remind everyone that no matter the total amoebas who seem to be in charge of our country, that frustration must be directed at those politicians and not each other.

“This is a time to be enjoyed and we are so excited to see our brasserie and venue buzzing with life again.”

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