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Cleethorpes wants to be a city too – but not together with Grimsby

Hight hopes for Cleethorpes city status

A former Cleethorpes councillor has laid out the case for his beloved town being granted city status.

Dozens of towns in England are bidding to become a city for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022.

Although Cleethorpes isn’t among them, Matthew Brown says that the ‘jewel of the East Coast’ deserved to be recognised.

However, he believes the town should stand on its own and not be incorporated into a joint City of Great Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

City status doesn’t automatically provide any benefits, but tends to help an area attract investment and higher paying jobs.

“I know the people of Cleethorpes would be very proud to become a city and it would create a real buzz throughout the community in the short term with greater economic benefits in the long term,” Matthew Brown said.

“Cleethorpes is the jewel in the crown of the East Coast.

“The area is the bridge between Lincolnshire and those visiting from Yorkshire through its historical links to the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire railway, which is responsible for much of the picturesque landscape and architecture of the area.

“In my view, the area deserves city status due to the historical role it plays in uniting these two areas and in recognition of its culture.”

Bashir Miah, chairman of Cleethorpes Bangladeshi Cultural Society and Mosque, has also backed a potential bid for city status.

“As an adopted Meggie, I can see Cleethorpes has such a uniqueness about it. This includes its picturesque seafront, welcoming people and amazing local architecture ranging from Ross Castle, Cleethorpes train station clock, Knoll House and St Peters Church,” he said.

“Granting city status would allow us to shine a light on all that is great about Cleethorpes and hopefully, through attracting investment to the area, give our children and grandchildren better life opportunities.”

Doncaster, Goole and Boston are amongst those hoping to be named a city in the Jubilee celebrations.

There are no size requirements to qualify – the smallest city in the UK, St David’s, has a population of just 1600, making it 25 times smaller than Cleethorpes.

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