December 10, 2021 5.25 pm This story is over 30 months old

‘Mindless thuggery’: Criminal damage down Lincoln alley caught on CCTV

“A measure of the type of person and people we are dealing with in our city”

A Lincoln business owner has expressed his anger at an incident of late night criminal damage outside his snooker club, calling it a “disgrace” and saying the culprit “should be ashamed”.

CCTV footage from St Peter At Arches in Lincoln shows a man kick the entrance gate at Lincoln Snooker Club, before ripping out flowers from a planter, and throwing the pot itself on the ground.

The man appears to have blood running down his face, and though the reason for this is unclear, he does keep looking down the alley while causing the damage, potentially looking for someone he may have had an altercation with.

The man seems to have a cut on his eye. | Photo: Phillip Cross

The incident left Phillip Cross, who owns Lincoln Snooker Club and obtained the footage from his security cameras, feeling very frustrated, as he again mentioned his ongoing battle with City of Lincoln Council to gate off the alley.

He said: “I can only describe what has happened as mindless thuggery.

“The culprit should be ashamed of himself, but I doubt very much he is or will be, because to do such a thing to anybody’s property is a measure of the type of person and people we are dealing with in our city, it is a disgrace.

“The alleyway doesn’t lend itself to gating according to the city council.”

A planter was damaged and ripped from its place. | Photo: Phillip Cross

Earlier this year, The Lincolnite went to visit Phillip as he spoke to us about his two-year long struggle to get St Peter At Arches gated off at night, in an attempt to prevent anti-social behaviour taking place down there.

The issues have been so rife in recent times that it has been given the unfortunate nickname of ‘pee alley‘ after numerous incidents of people using it as a toilet.

| Photo: Phillip Cross