December 18, 2021 3.00 pm This story is over 30 months old

Pumpkin the paralysed puppy helps raise over £500 for local dog rescue

A lovely way to spread Christmas cheer

By Local Democracy Reporter

Remember Pumpkin the paralysed puppy? Well, she has been to visit a local dog rescue to drop off donated items and money, and of course she had time for some puppy playdates too.

The story of Pumpkin the West Highland Terrier is both a heartwarming and tragic one. The Lincolnite first covered Pumpkin in October when her owner Tammie Fox made us aware of her fundraising effort to get some wheels for her paralysed pup.

She was born without the use of her back legs, meaning she has had to learn to move by dragging the back of her body around, but she’s never let that knock her off her stride.

After a remarkable fundraising appeal with huge amounts of generosity, £5,000 was raised for Pumpkin to get a set of wheels that would make her mobility so much easier.

She then went for an MRI scan with a specialist vet, but the news was not positive. Scans found that her spine had been completely broken and fused back together, meaning her back legs were basically backwards.

Pumpkin is a Terrier puppy that was born paralysed, meaning she cannot properly use her back legs. | Photo: Tammie Fox

Her situation was inoperable, Pumpkin would be this way for the rest of her life, while going through regular physiotherapy and hydrotherapy due to the “extreme trauma” caused to her back legs.

Pumpkin’s owner Tammie Fox was moved by the generous donations for Pumpkin, now seventeen weeks old, and wanted to ensure that other dogs could also be helped, so decided to offer support to Halfway Home Dog Rescue in Collingham.

Tammie can’t get enough of Pumpkin, and vows to do all she can to help with her treatment. | Photo: Tammie Fox

She said: “Halfway Home Dog Rescue is such a fantastic charity, they work so hard and give the dogs the absolute best they can not just here in the UK, but also in Romania.

“Pumpkin has had so much support, so I wanted to help out more dogs, and we chose Halfway Home because COVID and lockdown has meant they are struggling.

“Money is short and dogs aren’t being rehomed. Pumpkin is one of the lucky ones, I just wanted to help.”

Tammie filled her car and set off for Halfway House. | Photo: Tammie Fox

So, armed with £550 and a car boot full of donations, from blankets to food and toys, Tammie and Pumpkin went to visit the rescue for puppy playdates and to hand over the items and money.

The money will go towards veterinary costs at the request of the rescue’s owner, while the items donated will come in huge handy to keep the dogs happy and warm this winter.

Very generous of you Pumpkin! | Photo: Tammie Fox

It wasn’t all business for Pumpkin, though, who got plenty of time to make some new friends at the rescue, spending the day on playdates with the dogs there.

Tammie has said that due to Pumpkin’s condition she needs regular treatment, but though it might not be “plain sailing” she is still a happy dog.

All the dogs were very excited to meet each other! | Photo: Tammie Fox

A greeting sniff between friends. | Photo: Tammie Fox

“Because she is incontinent she is prone to UTI’s, this will be a regular thing unfortunately. She is currently doing hydrotherapy and physiotherapy with Topline Hydro.

“This is very costly, so I have been selling Pumpkin badges, she gets £1 for each one sold to help cover her veterinary costs. Pumpkin isn’t in pain, she’s happy.”

Pumpkin was out and about spreading Christmas cheer! | Photo: Tammie Fox

Pumpkin would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! | Photo: Tammie Fox