January 8, 2022 7.00 am

Lincolnshire COVID cases expected to peak in 10 days

Omicron to hit the peak soon before cases rapidly fall

By Local Democracy Reporter

The massive surge in cases triggered by the Omicron variant is expected to peak in around 10 days.

North Lincolnshire has seen unprecedented levels of Covid cases in the last month, which are continuing to rise day after day.

Public health experts have estimated when cases will peak and then begin to tail off.

They currently expect the maximum number of cases to be reported around January 17.

Public health officials in neighbouring North East Lincolnshire have said they expect to see a “massive increase” as the virus travels through classrooms following the Christmas holidays.

However, the Omicron variant is so infectious that it is predicted to hit the peak soon before cases rapidly fall.

In the most recent week of verified data up to January 1, North Lincolnshire had reported just under 3,000 cases.

Initial reports since then have seen between 300 and 500 new cases confirmed every day.

Public health estimates are based on current information, and could change.

North East Lincolnshire’s public health teams have estimated that it will peak in that region slightly earlier, around January 12.

The acting director Geoff Barnes said recently: “We are waiting to see what happens with children now back in classrooms, as there is a lot of uncertainty there.

“We are already getting reports of schoolchildren testing positive after bringing it from home, which means it is circulating in schools.

“There could be a massive increase, but hopefully rates will be heading down again by the end of next week.

“Once it has peaked, it won’t drag on for weeks and weeks like previous waves. Omicron is so infectious that most people will have caught it quickly.

“We will see a fairly steep drop – it will probably look like a cliff face.

“Covid has already been through schools once in October and November, which will give children some protection. If that hadn’t happened, the next week would be really concerning.”

The Foundry Shopping Centre’s walk-in vaccination clinic in Scunthorpe is open 9am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

See North Lincolnshire Council’s website for more information on where to get your jab.

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