January 28, 2022 11.52 am This story is over 29 months old

Retired headteacher says “biggest thank you possible” to Lincoln hospital staff

Tony stays fit and and active so was shocked when he had a heart attack

A retired Lincoln headteacher recovering from a heart attack said he cannot praise the Lincoln County Hospital staff enough as they continue to give him excellent care.

Tony Holland had been a regular visitor to Lincoln County Hospital for his treatment for skin cancer around 15 years ago, which is now all clear, and more recently has had two hospital visits since December last year.

The 76-year-old said the staff are “absolutely brilliant and nothing is too much trouble for them” and he wants to say “a big thank you” for all their support during his recent hospital visits.

Tony, who was the headteacher at North Scarle Village School for 30 years, woke up with really bad chest pain on December 11 last year and spent a week in hospital after having a heart attack.

Initially doctors suspected it could also be COVID as Tony had a cough and a temperature, but he tested negative, and stayed longer in hospital for the issue to be investigated further. Tony had two stents put in after the heart attack, which was caused by a clot that tore a vain.

On January 21 this year, Tony suddenly felt tired and had a funny turn before his wife called an ambulance at around 10.30pm. Within 10 minutes a paramedic in a car was with him and 10 minutes later the ambulance was at his home.

After more tests he was diagnosed with Anaemia, but doctors were concerned it may have caused bleeds elsewhere and he is still in hospital now. Tony has had some scans and will have a camera put down his throat once his blood levels are back up again. He will also have a blood transfusion in the near future.

Tony said that from reading newspapers and watching “doom and gloom” on TV people would think the NHS was in a state of collapse, and he wanted to highlight the positive aspects of his two recent experiences.

Speaking from hospital, Tony told The Lincolnite: “I have been keeping pretty fit so I was not expecting a heart attack. I play golf, walk a lot, and am always outside, so the heart attack was a bit of a shock.

“I want to say the biggest thank you possible to everybody from Sam the tea lad, to the porters, to the support staff, auxiliaries, nurses, ward doctors, registrars and consultants, and all the other staff who have seen me. There was also a nurse who greeted me with a big cheery hello and a lovely smile.

“The consultants have been absolutely brilliant and they’ve had so much time for me. When lying in bed feeling really sorry for myself, the staff have made such a big difference, so I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for being so lovely.”