February 18, 2022 7.00 am

Boris Johnson visits Grimsby “fishcake El Dorado” factory

The last leg in PM’s visit in Lincolnshire

By Local Democracy Reporter

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that Grimsby will feel the benefit of levelling up soon as he visited the seafood factory he declared “fishcake El Dorado”.

He promised that it would open the doors for more businesses to make North East Lincolnshire their home.

Mr Johnson got stuck in packing fishcakes as he toured Hilton Seafood, saying he had never seen so many.

He set out his vision for how ‘left behind’ areas like Grimsby would catch up, and made his case for why Brexit voters should continue to stick with him.

“We’re working on a massive project to unite and level up the country,” he said at the Hilton Seafood factory.

“All we’ve got to do is give people a chance.

“If the UK’s economy was as balanced by region as other major economies, we would be the richest country in Europe.

“As London mayor for eight years, I saw what happens when you take a smarter approach to under-served areas, and how much prosperity it can create. It changes a place’s self-confidence.

“Levelling Up is about recognising that the area has got amazing potential. With investment in skills and infrastructure like gigabyte internet, we can encourage businesses to come and create massive inward investment.

“We are already seeing money come in through the Towns Fund and the Future High Streets Fund, which will we will see start making a difference.

“But it’s about creating a difference which will encourage normal people to invest – not just government money. It’s about creating high wage, quality jobs.”

The Prime Minister also revealed why he is sometimes seen sporting a Grimsby Town bobble hat.

“It’s the first thing I grab when I run out the house,” he said, adding it was “very good – lovely and warm.”

He refused to confirm whether it meant that Town was always at the top of his mind.