February 15, 2022 8.00 pm

Council promises solution to address Ulceby traffic problems

Safety fears in village plagued by HGVs

By Local Democracy Reporter

People living in a small village in homes ‘constantly shaken’ by HGVs rumbling past say they worry about children’s safety.

Ulceby sees hundreds of lorries thundering through its narrow streets every day, scaring pedestrians and spraying houses with mud.

The traffic has raised the spectre of tragic fatalities caused by lorries in the past.

North Lincolnshire Council has promised that it has a solution to the problem which it will announce soon.

HGVs in Ulceby, where residents have raised safety concerns
| Credit: Jamie Waller

Denise Gunn said: “The lorries come through so fast – if you’re standing near the road, you feel yourself sucked in.

“They use it as a cut-through just because it takes a bit of time off their journey, but this little village just isn’t suitable.

“I’ve lived on a main road in London where you would expect it. You shouldn’t have it here though.

“The traffic is concerning as an adult, but it’s the children I worry about.”

She added: “It’s also really difficult for people who live along the main road with the noise and vibration.

“The lorries are constantly spraying muck on the houses. There are a lot of beautiful cottages which end up looking a state – the owners can’t clean it off everyday.”

Sara Ryder, who has grown up in the village, warned that HGVs have previously had tragic consequences.

“When I was young, one of my friends and another child in the village were both killed by lorries on separate occasions.

“Fortunately, the level of traffic has gotten better over the years but it has definitely starting to build again.

“I’m always worried when my daughter has to cross Station Road to get on her school bus.

“They come through at an awful speed some times.

“The lorries should use the M180 which has infrastructure to support them – Ulceby isn’t cut out for it.

“Drivers’ sat navs seems to be sending them on the shortest route rather than the most appropriate.

“A lot seem to be coming from the Immingham docks or other big businesses.”

The traffic situation is particularly precarious when lorries have to manoeuvre around parked traffic.

Steve Bell, whose sister lives in the village, said: “It’s certainly a problem here, everybody knows that, but I’m not sure what the solution.

“Ideally, it would be nice to get rid of lorries, but I don’t see how that’s ever going to happen.

“It does get a bit dangerous at school times, so something has to happen.”

North Lincolnshire Council has promised a ‘constructive solution’ to address the problem.

“Economic development and growth across all our wonderful towns and villages in North Lincolnshire is hugely positive and ensures people have access to better jobs and more opportunities,” a spokesperson said.

“Sometimes this development has an unintended impact upon settlements which have, in some cases, been around for hundreds of years. A balance must be struck so development is sympathetic to local communities.

“In the case of Ulceby we have a constructive solution we can announce soon which should improve the situation.”