February 22, 2022 9.33 am

Damaged flood barriers leave Stamp End vulnerable, says councillor

Residents are concerned over the damage

A city councillor fears that damaged defences could leave an area of Lincoln vulnerable to flooding if they are not repaired.

Liberal Democrat Abbey Ward Councillor Clare Smalley has called on the City of Lincoln Council to fix the flood barriers around Cannon Street, Stamp End and Shuttleworth House, which were installed in 2007.

The council says it does plan to repair the barriers, but has told reporters COVID and Brexit have delayed the delivery of parts.

The defences were originally installed after flooding in 2007 which saw hundreds of residents evacuated from their properties.

An £800,000 investment saw the current barriers completed in 2016.

Councillor Smalley said she first reported the damage in August, after concerned residents got in touch, and brought it up again during an inspection in September. She said she has chased it up since then too.

“Still, the city council drag their feet. Whilst most of the damage appears to be cosmetic, that gives no assurance to residents for whom the flood defence is a lifeline,” she said.

The damaged barriers. | Photo: Supplied

“We need the city council to urgently act to make repairs to the Stamp End flood defences, to protect residents and to restore the walls to their original standard.”

“I remember the 2007 floods well and the misery they caused for many residents locally,”

The defences were funded by Lincolnshire County Council before being handed to the city council to maintain.

They are considered the secondary defences for the area.

Matt Hillman, Assistant Director for Investment, at City of Lincoln Council said: “It is inspected regularly and we are aware of the repairs that are required.

“Unfortunately, parts are difficult to obtain at the moment as, like many industries, we are suffering from the adverse effects of COVID and Brexit and the resulting delays in supply chains.

“Once we have received the required parts, repair of the defence system will take place.”