February 9, 2022 12.05 pm

Jury retire to consider verdict in Boston murder trial

The trial continues

A jury in the trial of a Boston woman accused of murdering her partner have this morning (Wednesday) retired to consider their verdict.

Charlie Stevenson, 21, denies murdering Christopher Higgs, also 21, at her home in Portland Street, Boston.

The prosecution allege Mr Higgs died from a single stab wound to the heart which was deliberately inflicted by Ms Stevenson on July 14 last year.

But giving evidence at Lincoln Crown Court, Ms Stevenson told a jury she only picked up a knife after Mr Higgs attacked her in the kitchen.

Ms Stevenson said Mr Higgs was strangling her and pulled the knife towards himself as they struggled.

The eleven jurors began their deliberations after hearing two weeks of evidence.

Lincoln Crown Court previously heard on Tuesday that Stevenson “was in control of what was going on”, while the prosecution claimed she had deliberately lied to save her own skin and not to lose custody of her young son.

The trial continues.