February 1, 2022 12.40 pm This story is over 28 months old

Jury retire to consider verdict in Daniel Boulton murder trial

Boulton is alleged to have murdered his ex partner and her son

A jury in the trial of a man accused of murdering a Louth mum and her nine-year-old son have retired to consider their verdicts.

Daniel Boulton, 30, admits the manslaughter of his former girlfriend Bethany Vincent and her son, Darren Henson, but denies their murder.

Ms Vincent and Darren, known to his family as DJ, were both found stabbed to death at their home in High Holme Road, Louth, shortly after 8pm on May 31.

Tributes have been left at the scene and officers are guarding the house. | Photo: Jon Aron

Twelve jurors this morning (Tuesday) began their deliberations after hearing over two weeks of evidence at Lincoln Crown Court.

The trial judge, Mr Justice Pepperall, gave the jury a list of questions to help with their deliberations and urged them to reach unanimous verdicts on the two murder charges faced by Boulton.

Flowers, candles and photographs were laid by a tree as a vigil was held in memory of alleged Louth murder victims Bethany Vincent and her nine-year-old son Darren Henson. | Photo: Graeme Whitworth

Mr Justice Pepperall told the jury they needed to reach verdicts on both charges, and reminded them of the psychiatric evidence in the case.

Experts for the defence and prosecution agree that Boulton was suffering from a dissocial personality disorder.

Flowers outside the home in Louth in memory of Bethany and Darren. | Photo: Daniel Jaines

The defence argue Boulton’s personality disorder caused him to lose control and carry out the killings.

But the prosecution say Boulton was still capable of carefully planning the murders.

A community in shock. Tributes outside the home of Bethany Vincent and her son Darren Henson, who died on Monday night. | Photo: Jon Aron

The jury heard Boulton carried out the killings after walking 28 miles from his hostel in Alexandra Road, Skegness.

Boulton then led police on a manhunt until the following day, burgling a cottage where he stole alcohol and food, and assaulting an off-duty police officer in the leg in the Hubbard’s Hills area of Louth.

He was Tasered and arrested at a nearby farm in Hallington after trying to get into two cars and encouraging armed officers to shoot him.

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