February 21, 2022 3.12 pm

Lincoln’s singing bus driver launches charity events company

He is raising money for causes close to his heart

A singing bus driver from Lincoln has created a charity events company to raise money for causes with a personal meaning for him.

If you take the bus in Lincoln you may have met Stagecoach driver Andrew Huckett, who made the news over Christmas with his festive singing and costume-wearing.

Andrew, 37, will be organising events in Lincoln including a charity run, football games and cricket under the name ‘The Lincoln 50′. Andrew organised a successful cricket competition last year, which encouraged him to see what other events he could put on to raise money.

The events will raise money for Alzheimer’s Society and Edan, a Lincoln-based domestic abuse service.

The first of his events, a 5k run at Daisy Made, in Skellingthorpe, will take place on March 6 at 10am, and Andrew says anyone can take part – with kids as young as six already signed up.

Andrew told The Lincolnite: “No matter what ability level, pram or pushchair, you can come along.”

The first charity event, a 5k run, will take place at Daisy Made Farm on March 6

Andrew chose to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society after seeing a number of his relatives succumb to the disease. Edan became another choice for the spending of the profits after recommendations for which cause needed support. He said: “I got so many responses and Edan’s support is so unique that I had to pick it.”

The next event will be a men’s football tournament in Branston on May 7, with a bouncy castle and food, and there’ll be a 5k run in the village on July 15.

Andrew explained that 50% of the profits will go to the chosen charities and the rest will go towards putting on more events.

Andrew told The Lincolnite: “When you’re a kid you have time for sport, whereas when you become an adult it tends to fade away, so the wonderful thing is these events are for the whole family to enjoy.”

The Lincoln 50 started last year with a cricket competition but hopes to expand into many different types of events

Eventually gigs and comedy acts will form part of the charity group’s focus, with Andrew saying he hopes to have these events organised in 2023.

The entry fee to the Daisy Made 5k run will be £4.50 or participants can pay £15 for a t-shirt and a medal. Andrew says he will be running himself, but before everyone else as, of course, he is needed to organise the day.

Check out Andrew’s Christmas antics below: