February 25, 2022 2.52 pm This story is over 21 months old

Twins sentenced to prison for Costcutter robbery

Klaidas and Karolis Kosinskas, both 20, carried out the robbery at the store in Grantham

Twins who made violent threats during a robbery at a Costcutter where they attempted to get free alcohol have been sentenced to more than two years each in prison.

Klaidas Kosinskas, 20, of Cornwall Close, Grantham, and Karolis Kosinskas, 20, of the same address, carried out the robbery at the store in Dysart Road, Grantham, on 9 December 2021.

Lincoln Crown Court heard how Klarolis had entered the store at around 2.30pm and bought a bottle of Captain Morgan’s spirit, before asking a question about the shopworker’s religious origin and leaving the store. Several hours later, another man matching the description – who was later identified as his twin brother Klaidas – came into the store demanding a free bottle of alcohol.

When the shopworker denied the request, Klaidas was heard shouting profanities and threats of violence. He was believed to be drunk. The victim was scared and tried to ignore him so he could serve other customers, but witnesses reported seeing one of the twins, later identified as Klaidas, go behind the till area where the victim was stood during his intimidation.

Meanwhile, Karolis attempted to climb over the till before leaving the store and gaining entry to the victim’s car. An unknown member of the public pulled Karolis out of the vehicle and it was made secure by the victim, who again attempted to go back to work but was accosted once more by Klaidas behind the till.

At this point the victim managed to call 999, during which time Klaidas stole a bottle of Jagermeister Spirit valued at £16.

The offender then stood on the customer’s side behind a plastic screen holding the original rum bottle purchased, and lifting it in a threatening manner making further violent threats, and also headbutted a plastic screen causing £150 of damage. Both men were knocking items off shelves causing a further disturbance.

They left the store a short time later and police arrived at the scene. The offenders were located a short distance away on Barrowby Gate following further reports of people weaving in and out of traffic, and were arrested.

DI Remy Simon, said “This was a completely unprovoked attack fuelled by alcohol. The shopkeeper had a genuine belief that he was going to get hurt and he was very scared, and I imagine any of the other customers in the store would have also felt frightened by such a display of violence and aggression.

“The victim was incredibly brave in the face of such an attack, and we’re glad that the situation did not escalate further.”

The pair pleaded guilty to robbery and were sentenced at a hearing on Tuesday 21 February. Klaidas Kosinskas, was sentenced to 2 years and 2 months and Karolis Kosinskas, was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months.