March 28, 2022 7.30 pm

Call for “dangerous” Lincolnshire pothole to be repaired after biker injured

The issue has been reported numerous times

Lincolnshire County Council has promised to “patch” a massive pothole in Haddington this week and repair it at the end of next month after an accident involving a motorcyclist over the weekend.

Lincolnshire Police’s Specialist Operations tweeted about a series of potholes in Haddington after a motorcyclist “made every attempt to avoid the pothole(s) facing them but unfortunately sustained injuries” on Saturday.

They said they had notified authorities but that the location at the junction between South Hykeham Road and Bridge Road was still in the same condition on Sunday.

The account added it was an “accident waiting to happen”.

Lincolnshire County Council replied to the tweet by saying they were following up with the highways team “on their actions”.

A search on shows multiple reports made at the junction in recent days and going back to the beginning of February with some reporting in excess of 10 to  15 holes.

One report describes the junction as a “a lunar landscape” while others call it “appalling” and “dangerous”.

A Google Street View search of the road also shows an image taken last November with the road again looking particularly rough.

A Google Streetmaps image captured in November 2021 shows the road deteriorating. | Image: Google

The complaint even attracted the attention of Mr Pothole, a national campaigner who used it to promote his campaign calling on the government to tackle a national £12.64 billion roads maintenance backlog.

Lincolnshire County Council in recent months has been campaigning, unsuccessfully, for the government to reinstate around £12.5million in lost funding – a slash to the authority’s roads budget of 25%. shows numerous reports about the junction.

However, in March it was disappointed to find out its cash grant would remain frozen.

A county council spokesman said: “There will be temporary patching happening at the junction tomorrow.

“Resurfacing is planned across the junction to happen at the end of April.

“We will update with an exact start date for these works shortly.”