March 1, 2022 5.45 pm

Coming soon: Barton link road route set to be revealed

Route for Barton’s proposed link road soon to be revealed

By Local Democracy Reporter

The preferred route for the Barton link road is to be announced next week ahead of a bid for government funding.

The long-awaited road would divert HGVs away from the congested town centre.

The road would connect the town’s eastern end with the A15, where a new junction would be created, although the exact route is yet to be revealed.

North Lincolnshire Council have set £250,000 aside for a technical study into the chosen result to enable the project to begin quickly.

A bid will be submitted to the next round of the government’s Levelling Up Fund in spring.

If it is approved – which could happen within weeks of submission – work on the road is expected to begin as soon as possible.

Hundreds of Barton residents have taken part in a consultation process over the last year, with most recognising the need for it.

“There is an overwhelming agreement amongst consultees that a link road is needed, and would be hugely beneficial to Barton. It is the actual route that the current proposal takes that is the contention,” a report into the consultation says.

“Whilst there is a lot of support for a Barton link road due to the expansion of Wren Kitchens and subsequent increase of HGV vehicles, there is evident concern regarding the proximity of the proposed route to residential housing for several reasons.”

Many of the local residents who opposed the route said they worried about pollution, noise, road safety, and the devaluing of their properties.

One supporter in the consultation said: “This proposal is exactly what Barton needs. The new junction on the A15 is great as it gives a more direct route to Falklands Way. The sooner this happens the better.”

However, an opponent said: “To put a huge interchange within 50m of residential dwellings and cutting down a large number of mature trees rather than using open farmland seems ridiculous.”

The major upgrade has been on the town’s wish list for some time, particularly with the expansion of Wren Kitchens expected to bring more commuters and lorries to the area.