March 18, 2022 8.46 am

Lincolnshire school enrols six dogs to help pupils’ mental health

Pups help pupils in class

The latest intake of pupils at one primary school in Lincolnshire look a little bit difference to the rest of the class.

Hawthorn Tree Primary School in Boston was looking for ways to help children’s mental health after the COVID-19 pandemic – and has decided to enrol six dogs to help out in the classroom and on the playground.

Trevor, Rosie, Toby, Toffee, Barney and Benji are therapy dogs and are helping pupils to laugh and smile, with children saying the pups help with anxiety and make them feel better when they’re feeling sad or angry.

Teacher Lorna Trigg said: “COVID has restricted their learning opportunities so much, and their real life experiences so much, so having a dog come in is something that’s so simple yet seems to have made such a huge difference to their [pupils’] mental health.”