March 30, 2022 7.00 am

Stamford YouTuber and inventor gets the billboard treatment in Lincolnshire

He was on billboards in Grantham and Lincoln

A Stamford inventor with 11.8 million subscribers on YouTube recently visited a digital billboard in central Grantham to celebrate his involvement in the video platform’s ‘Creative Britain’ campaign.

Colin was also spotlighted on a billboard in Lincoln for the campaign celebrating creators and spotlighting UK-wide talent, which began in November 2021.

The 42-year-old visited the billboard on Springfield Road in Grantham, which was at the location for two weeks in November, and again more recently for a fortnight until March 27.

He visited the Grantham billboard on Wednesday, March 23, while the Lincoln billboard was in place for the two same fortnights.

The inventor was also recently in the limelight for his project to build a 12 metre tunnel from his Lincolnshire house to his shed.

He upload the video to his YouTube channel, which he created in the mid-2000s and has made him an international star.

Colin inside his metal underground bunker. | Screenshot: Colin Furze YouTube Channel

Colin is one of many YouTube creators who has been spotlighted on billboards in their home counties across England for the campaign.

He said: “It’s so great to have Stamford on the map and demonstrate that YouTubers come from small towns and big cities alike.

“Having trained as a plumber, I never envisaged that I’d be doing what I am today and I remember starting out making films of myself riding BMX bikes.

“Then YouTube came along and allowed me to share my videos, inventing things and having fun, content that people are interested in actually watching.”

YouTube’s Creative Britain campaign was launched with research highlighting the need for fairer representation in the media, and access to the creative industries, for all people in the UK regardless of their location and background.

Research conducted by YouTube in partnership with YouGov showed that 71% of people in the UK agree that it is important that local/regional voices are proportionally represented in the media.

However, nearly half (43%) don’t think that they see people in broadcast TV who accurately represent people from their region.

The billboard celebrates his involvement in YouTube’s Creative Britain campaign.

Meanwhile, YouTube is also launching a YouTube for Creators website to further encourage diverse British talent into the creative industries.