March 25, 2022 5.30 pm

The Lincolnite Podcast: artist Sian Bristow, Law of Attraction’s Francesca Amber, and Lincoln graffiti artist JUICE

Hosted by Ronnie Byrne, featuring the best of Lincolnshire

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This week, Ronnie is joined by Lincoln artist Sian Bristow, renowned for her work on the Lincoln Imp and Knights’ Trails of 2021 and 2017. Sian discusses her art, and the pieces she currently has featured in the Who Run The World? exhibition at The Electric Gallery in London. 

Later in the show, Ronnie travels to the home of Francesca Amber, host of the UK’s biggest self-improvement podcast Law of Attraction Changed My Life. Francesca talks about her own experiences with the law of attraction, how she manifested her husband (two years before she met him), and how she now teaches her own methods to others.

Finally, notorious Lincoln graffiti artist Juice speaks out for the first time about his tagging across Lincoln, the motives behind his work, and whether or not he sees his graffiti as vandalism, art, or a form of therapy.

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