March 27, 2022 8.00 am

‘We’re not criminals, we’re just trying to get by’: Lincoln graffiti artist JUICE on The Lincolnite Podcast

The infamous graffiti artist opens up about his life

Lincoln graffiti artist JUICE has given an exclusive interview to The Lincolnite Podcast, talking about his life, his battles with mental health, and how he uses graffiti as a form of therapy.

The word ‘JUICE’ has become synonymous with graffiti in Lincoln, with walls, doors, and telephone boxes across the city being daubed with the infamous tag.

Speaking to host Ronnie Byrne in an anonymous video call, JUICE discussed how his interest in street art began in secondary school, writing on bathroom walls and posting stickers of small cartoon characters he created.

When asked why he tags walls with graffiti, JUICE admitted he believed that would be the easiest question to answer, but it was actually one of the hardest.

He discussed his struggles with mental health and substance abuse, and said: “There’s no fixed reason why I do it, and the reason I do it has evolved over time.

“It was a way to get all this anger and rage out by damaging something else, but not damaging myself.”

Later in the interview when asked about his future, JUICE admitted that he “wasn’t quite retired, but on indefinite hiatus” explaining he wanted to focus on his family and put his efforts into other creative outlets, such as poetry and music.

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