April 11, 2022 8.48 am

Firefighters’ plea after lorry blocks in engines at Lincolnshire station

Potentially putting lives at risk

Firefighters in Lincolnshire have issued a plea to the public not to park in front of fire stations after the latest incident saw a lorry block in engines, potentially putting lives at risk.

Poorly parked vehicles near stations can mean fire engines can’t get through, and Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue has said there is no excuse for bad parking in these areas.

It comes after a large lorry blocked access to Spilsby Fire Station, with fire fighter James Baker saying it could lead to life or death situations.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue said: “Don’t park in the restricted areas outside of our fire stations. The stations may sometimes look like they’re not in use but our firefighters need access in and out 24 hours a day.”