April 24, 2022 6.00 am This story is over 18 months old

In conversation with: Jordan Wright – dogs in handbags, lonely goalkeeping and Brussels sprouts

Episode two of our quirky interview series with Imps players

Jordan Wright may have only joined Lincoln City in January, but he has already made a big impression on the first team, stepping up when called upon and pulling off big moments in games.

Wright, 23, started his career at Nottingham Forest, heading out on multiple loans across the country before finally finding a settled permanent move in the form of Lincoln City.

The goalkeeper joined the Imps in January 2022, and had been expected to serve as temporary understudy to West Bromwich Albion loanee Josh Griffiths, who has been highly impressive in his time at the club.

Jordan Wright signed for Lincoln City on a permanent basis from Nottingham Forest. | Photo: Lincoln City FC / Chris Vaughan Photography

However, an injury to Griffiths gave Jordan his chance in the first team, and he hasn’t looked back since. A series of strong displays has kept him between the sticks in the second half of the season, and now he will be looking to kick on even further with plenty of minutes under his belt.

The Lincolnite reporter Ellis Karran caught up with Jordan Wright at the Lincoln City club shop in the Waterside Shopping Centre on Thursday, for the launch of a limited edition shirt created as part of the #MyCityMyShirt campaign. Read more about the shirt here.

The limited edition Lincoln City shirt was designed by fans and celebrates our city’s history and diversity. | Photo: Stuart Wilde / Lincoln City FC

Much like the style of our previous interview with Ben House, where we found out his favourite joke, what he watches on Netflix and his initiation song – we spoke to Jordan Wright about any and everything.

So, if you want to find out who Jordan Wright’s footballing hero is, what he has on a Sunday roast, or maybe even his favourite dance move, then look no further.

Jordan has made a host of acrobatic saves since joining the Imps. | Photo: Lincoln City FC / Chud Photography

We’re here for the launch of the limited edition kit, first of all what are your thoughts on it?

JW: Yeah, nice kit and great ideas that they’ve put together. Obviously there’s only 100 shirts and I was speaking to someone there saying they’ve sold out quite quickly which is good to see. I’ve signed a few, had a few photos, it’s been good.

You’re relatively new to life at Lincoln City, how have you found the move so far in terms of the place and area?

JW: I’ve only been here for a few months, joining in January, living in Sleaford. I’ve visited Lincoln a couple of times, I had a walk round the cathedral but nothing too major. It is quite big.

After years of loan spells, Jordan Wright appears to have found a settled place. | Photo: Lincoln City FC / Chud Photography

So they say you have to be mad to be a goalkeeper, why do you think that is?

JW: Well you’re going to get a ball kicked at you from a striker as hard as they can and you’ve got to be the one to save it, so you’ve got to be a bit mad to put your face and body on the line to keep it out the net.

I was listening to a podcast with Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester goalkeeper) and he talked about how goalkeeping is almost like a different job, because you train separately.

JW: Yeah it’s a lonely place, it can be very lonely in games. You might not do anything for 10 to 15 minutes, you might not touch the ball, then all of a sudden you have to make a save or you’ve got a back pass to try and find someone. In training you’re on your own, you work together for 40 minutes and then you go with the team for 10 minutes for games.

Is that quite a difficult thing to adjust to? Because your role is probably the only one where your ideal game is having nothing to do?

JW: Yeah definitely, the Cheltenham game I think I only made two saves, but I kept a clean sheet and that’s what everyone looks at as a goalkeeper.

Jordan has impressed in his short time at the club. | Photo: Lincoln City FC / Chud Photography

Has football always been the ambition for you? Did you ever have any other dream career in mind?

JW: I always played football from a young age but I was also a swimmer. I was a breaststroke swimmer.

You could have been Britain’s answer to Michael Phelps then?

JW: Who knows?! (laughs) I had to quit, it was a choice of one or the other and I picked football. I think I made the right choice!

What’s your favourite dance move?

JW: Have you seen The Inbetweeners? Neil’s dance move in the film, the elbows up and *waves hand in front of face* all that stuff.

Are you much of a mover? First one on the dance floor?

JW: I’d like to say I give it a good go, I mean it might be quite embarrassing but who cares?

Jordan at full stretch to keep out an effort against Sunderland. | Photo: Lincoln City FC / Chud Photography

What’s your favourite chocolate bar?

JW: At the minute I’d have to say the mini eggs Cadbury’s.

And is there one you can’t stand and won’t go anywhere near?

JW: I don’t really like dark chocolate so I’ll go with that.

Pointless or The Chase?

JW: The Chase.

Favourite Chaser?

JW: Oh, The Beast.

Jordan salutes the LNER Stadium after a game. | Photo: Lincoln City FC / Chud Photography

Spiderman or Batman?

JW: Spiderman. He’s more fun and more energetic, swinging around on a bit of web all day.

If you could go for a beer with one of your teammates, who do you think would be the most fun?

JW: I’d have to say Chris Maguire – [he] says it how it is, funny, funny guy.

What’s your favourite song of all time?

JW: Ooh, I do really like When I See You by Fantasia. I do like that song.

What kind of tunes have you got on in the changing room? Ben House told me you’ve got a good variety.

JW: There is a good variety, Bourney (Terry Bourne, kitman) has done it sometimes, it’s been Lewis Fiorini the last few games and we’ve done well so we’re going to have to tell him to keep going.

It’s going to be a nightmare come the end of the season then, isn’t it!

JW: Yeah it’s all about who’s going to step up, because it won’t be me!

You don’t fancy yourself as much of a dressing room DJ then?

JW: I back myself with my music choice, however it’s a lot of pressure and I go out earlier than the lads so they’d miss 10 to 15 minutes.

He has stepped in admirably for Josh Griffiths. | Photo: Lincoln City FC / Chud Photography

What was your first car?

JW: My first car was a Renault Clio. Smooth, it wasn’t one of the newer ones, it was an older model.

Nice, what colour was it?

JW: Grey, just standard.

*Ben House asks from a distance* could you fit in it?!

JW: Yeah it wasn’t too bad actually!

What’s your favourite animal?

JW: Dog. Love dogs, I’ve got a black Labrador but Rottweilers are my favourite, Dobermans, I just like a big dog.

Not a big fan of small dogs then?

JW: Oh when you see these people walk down with them in pushchairs and carry them in little handbags, if you’re going to get a dog get a proper dog! A big one that will look after you.

How good are you at DIY?

JW: I can’t even spell it let alone do it! I ring my dad and ask ‘how do you do this?’

His confidence has grown with each performance in the Lincoln shirt. | Photo: Lincoln City FC / Chud Photography

What do you have on a Sunday roast?

JW: Favourite meat is lamb. Mum and dad do a great roast with roast potatoes, mash potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, everything.

What’s your opinion on Brussels sprouts?

JW: I don’t mind them but I prefer just to have them at Christmas. My dad likes to put them in all the time and we’ve had a bit of an argument because he puts them on the plate and I say I don’t want them, only at Christmas!

Who was your footballing hero?

JW: Growing up I used to love watching Steven Gerrard. I used to have posters on my wall, he’s a legend.

What converted you into a goalkeeper?

JW: I was always a goalkeeper. When I first started as a kid all my mates joined the same team and one of the dads told me I was going in goal, that’s how it started. I hated it; I remember turning to my dad saying “I never want to do this again” but I stuck with it and now look where I am!

Who do you think is the best goalkeeper in the world right now?

JW: Alisson. Everything about his game he’s just flying. Against Manchester United he made more passes than Man U’s midfield! He made 51 and United’s midfield combined had 50.

Goalkeeping is about more than your hands, as displayed by Jordan here, channelling his inner Alisson Becker. | Photo: Lincoln City FC / Chud Photography

Guardiola or Klopp?

JW: Klopp, I’m a Liverpool fan.

Do you think they’re going to win the quadruple this year?

JW: Absolutely. It’s going to be close but I reckon they’re going to do it.

Alright last question, can you name one player in the Lincoln squad that you maybe wouldn’t fancy your chances against in a penalty shootout?

JW: To be fair, I’ve had a few of them practise. Maguire’s good, Liam Cullen is good at penalties, John Marquis.

Is there someone’s penalty you’d be confident in saving?

JW: *Ben House again walks over* Ben House. (Laughs)