April 8, 2022 6.00 am This story is over 19 months old

Recycling advice and black bin collection change in North Kesteven this Easter

All you need to know for bin collections this Easter

North Kesteven District Council is offering information and guidance on what can and cannot be recycled this Easter, as well as changing the collection date for black bins across the area.

There will be just one change to the collection calendar over the Easter period, with the original Monday, April 18 date being brought forward to Saturday, April 16.

Bin collections due on Good Friday (April 15) will have purple and purple-lidded bins taken on this day as normal, and residents are again being asked to present their bins by 7.30am on the morning of collection.

The purple-lidded bins will be for dry paper and cardboard. | Photo: West Lindsey District Council

With it being the Easter holidays, there is an anticipation and expectation of increased packaging in bins, thanks to chocolate Easter eggs, and the council has pointed out which items go in which type of recycling bin.

The cardboard outer package must go in purple-lidded bins only, unless it’s foiled, glittery or dirty, in which case it must go in the black bin to be made into electricity.

The inner insert of the cardboard can go in the purple bin as well, and if it’s a plastic inner this should go in the regular green recycling bin only. However, if the inner insert is brown or black plastic, it must go in the black bin.

A look at the Easter bin schedule in North Kesteven. | Photo: NKDC

As for the foil itself, that must be clean and dry before being placed in the green bin. If it is dirty, it can go into the black bin and be made into electricity locally at North Hykeham.

Soft, scrunchable plastics like chocolate bar or sweet rappers cannot be recycled in kerbside bins at home, instead going to soft plastic collection points in local shops, along with plastic bags, food wrappers etc. Failing that, you can just pop it in the black bin.

NKDC recommends potentially using decorations for crafts next year or ones that can be donated to a worthy cause. If they are unusable and broken, they must be put in the black bin, provided there are no electrics or batteries inside.

Plain paper such as bunting that is not foiled, shiny or glittery and does not have string inside it, can go into the purple recycling bin, along with any cards that fit the same profile.

Finally, toys and gifts. Unwanted toys which are hard plastics can either be regifted or donated if in good working order, or taken to your local household recycling centre. Books can also be placed in either recycling bin, so long again as they are in good condition.

For more information about what goes in which bin, visit the North Kesteven District Council website, which has a Right Thing Right Bin leaflet along with an A-Z of recycling various items.