April 21, 2022 2.24 pm This story is over 18 months old

Stolen Lincoln safari trail monkeys are back!

CCTV identified a suspect

There was a wonderful and charming safari trail in our city centre this half term for all to enjoy. Sadly the two monkeys in St Marks Square were stolen!

CCTV showed a group taking the monkeys before making like a banana and split.

Neighbourhood officers reviewed the footage and one of those responsible forgot to cover their face making it all too chimpan-easy to identify them. With the primate suspect identified officers set about trying to recover the monkeys.

At first it seemed like a chimpossible task. But with the help of the public who no doubt gave someone a good gorilling, the little monkeys have been returned.

It’s nice to return them to Lincoln BIG who were understandably going ape over the theft.

The investigation around those responsible is ongoing.

A nice little story to bring you as we approach the end of Ape-ril.

Right we will stop with the puns. There’s too much monkeying around going on here.

We are of course assuming they are monkeys and not baby hulks? Either way we took them on a little tour and even swung by CCTV before returning them home.