June 16, 2022 2.30 pm

60 people denied taxi licences to be added to national database

Dangerous or unsuitable drivers will be flagged up across the country

By Local Democracy Reporter

The details of people who have lost or been denied taxi licences in a Lincolnshire district will be added to a national database to improve passenger safety.

60 people in North Kesteven have either been refused a taxi or private hire licence, or had one revoked.

The database allows local authorities to check a driver’s history in other parts of the country – something that was previously impossible.

The council’s licensing committee have endorsed the scheme, saying the public would be “staggered” that it wasn’t already in place nationally.

It’s hoped that it will make it easier to weed out dangerous or unsuitable applicants.

Previously, councils relied on either drivers admitting they had previously been turned down, knowing which authorities to make enquiries with, or word of mouth.

The national register, which is operated by the National Anti-Fraud Network, keeps a list of all licence denials in participating authorities across the country.

Searches are made whenever a new application or a renewal is received, meaning existing drivers will be checked against it.

North Kesteven District Council is planning to upload the details of 60 drivers who failed checks since 2008.

They will write to drivers to let them know and give them chance to object. However, council officers say it would need to be a “very convincing argument” to keep them off the list.

Councillor David Suiter told this week’s licensing committee: “I welcome this further protection for the public. If a neighbouring authority has rejected a driver for speeding, we want to know to know about that.”

Councillor Lance Pennell said: “I am thoroughly in favour of this – residents would be staggered to discover that this isn’t already a national scheme.”