June 7, 2022 7.00 pm

Residents to fight back against off-road cycle park plans

There are ‘many, many more’ objections coming

By Local Democracy Reporter

Lincolnshire’s first off-road cycle park would have a ‘profound’ impact on nearby villages, residents have warned.

The Wolds Cycle Park is proposed for Hainton Estate near South Willingham, and promises professional trails for both beginners and experts.

It initially enjoyed a glowing reception, with cyclists from across the East Midlands supporting the plans.

However, a South Willingham resident who is helping to organise opposition to it warned that local people will make their voice heard.

“There were a lot of positive comments that were orchestrated by the publicity campaign. But now that local people are reading the documents, they’re not happy with it at all,” he said.

“I delivered 22 objections to East Lindsey District Council myself this week, and there are many, many more coming.

“The overwhelming majority of people in South Willingham are against it. Even people who originally liked the idea have changed their minds once they saw what was in the plans.

“If the park really takes off, we could be seeing hundreds of extra visitors a day – or more for weekends and events – which would have a profound impact on the area.

How the visitors centre would look | Photo: Lincs Design Consultancy

“Our roads are already popular with local cycling groups and horse riders, who don’t want all this extra traffic. Why does this have to be built in the Wolds?

“The applicants claim that it would be great for the area’s economy, but I can’t see any visitors using our local B&Bs or shops.

“There’s also the question of the environmental impact to 100 acres of Outstanding Natural Beauty. I doubt the biodiversity will go up when five metre wide tracks are being dug all over the place.”

The plans have been submitted by Louth-based Lincs Design Consultancy on behalf of Focus Rides.

The application says the proposal will have a very low impact on the natural surroundings, and the visitors centre would be sympathetic to the environment.

Kevin Smith, who runs Focus Rides, said: “The Lincolnshire Wolds is the perfect spot for a cycle park that will be the only one of its kind in the wider region. There are many passionate off-road cyclists across the county, but there isn’t a single purpose-built facility to cater for them within Lincolnshire’s borders.

“The park will promote a healthy and active lifestyle, and the site we have identified provides the perfect mix of excellent undulation while avoiding any significant visual impact on the surrounding area.”

The park would have both health and economic benefits for the area, the application claims | Photo: Lincs Design Consultancy

Lincs Design Consultancy director Daniel Sharp said: “The project proposals have been developed following extensive public and statutory consultation and have been led by a thorough team of specialist consultants.

“The proposal will provide a significant ecological and biodiversity net gain as proven by the specialist consultants’ reports.

“The trail itself will be incredibly low-impact – all features will be constructed with soil from the site and dressed with fine limestone, so they are less impactful on the environment than a farm track, for example.

The application can be viewed on East Lindsey District Council’s website.

A brand-new exhibition coming to The Collection Museum Microworld: Lincoln, invites you to explore eight digital worlds by moving, dancing, singing, and playing.

Opening on Saturday 9 July 2022, the immersive exhibition Microworld: Lincoln, is suitable for all ages. Made up of eight digital worlds – or ‘ecosystems’ – this artwork is filled with amazing colours, patterns, shapes, and artificial creatures that you can design and interact with.

This exhibition offers something for everyone; kids can explore the digital worlds with energetic interactions such as dancing, jumping, and singing. Families are invited to work together to engage with Microworld and create their own micro-stories. Programmers and creative coding experts can investigate the interacting algorithms and set the audience additional challenges.

In Microworld: Lincoln everyone becomes a digital artist, with the ability to add their own ideas and creatures using smartphones or tablets provided in the gallery.

Jenny Gleadell, exhibitions officer at The Collection Museum, said:

“This isn’t really like anything we’ve had in the gallery before. It will be fun and colourful, totally interactive and immersive, and completely unique for each person.

“We were able to preview some of the themes and ideas around the exhibition at the Lincolnshire Show last week, and there was a real buzz of excitement amongst visitors about seeing it for themselves when it opens. I’m looking forward to people’s reactions!”

An exciting programme of events and talks will invite visitors to enjoy this world-famous artwork in a variety of ways. Three, monthly, late-night openings will bring the perfect summer social to the museum, promising something for everyone to enjoy. A very special hybrid event will take place in the gallery, where the visitors will be able to virtually meet Microworld: Lincoln artists Genetic Moo.

Those who are looking for a more relaxed experience of this popular exhibition will be able visit our ‘Chilled Out’ sessions on Wednesday mornings from 9am to 10am.

Tickets are on sale now to experience this immersive exhibition, priced at only £3.

Find out more about the upcoming exhibition and events by visiting www.thecollectionmuseum.com, or by following The Collection Museum on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Brexiteer and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage enjoyed the historical sights of Lincoln on Thursday, including a tour of the Castle and the views of the iconic Cathedral.

The former politician, and current GB News presenter, took a guided tour of Lincoln Castle including the old Victorian Prison and going on the Medieval Wall Walk. He was also spotted with a film crew by the tank memorial on Ropewalk.

In the evening, he hosted a Q&A called Farage at Large that was broadcast live on GB News and it is understood that it was hosted at The Lincoln Imp pub in the Ermine area of the city.

Guests watching the live broadcast at the pub had to disclose their job titles and how long they’d lived in the city to be eligible for the £1.50 tickets.

Ahead of the broadcast, he said: “We are in Lincoln, you can see that from the magnificent cathedral behind me. We’ll talk about this place, its history, where the tank was first developed. We’ll talk about the NATO summit, what’s going on, Boris Johnson’s conclusions and how big are our commitments going to be.

“We’ll also look at food and farming, food prices going prices through the roof, and Lincolnshire – the biggest agricultural county in the whole of the country, but they’re building solar panels everywhere, that isn’t going to guarantee our food is it.”

Conservative Lincoln MP Karl McCartney also met with Nigel Farage during the visit.

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