June 7, 2022 6.00 am This story is over 24 months old

Take a tour of pupil’s Minecraft recreation of Lincoln special school

New buildings are being constructed, and Callum brought them to life in a video game

By Local Democracy Reporter

A Lincoln pupil was so excited about the improvements and development of his special school that he built a model of it in Minecraft.

Work is currently under way on an extension to St Christopher’s School in Lincoln, with the current site also being remodelled and redeveloped.

A new 130-place school is being constructed on the site of the former Usher Junior School, including 15 classrooms alongside therapy spaces such as sensory and soft play.

The build will sit on the site of the former Usher Junior School which was demolished in 2012.

There will also be a large hall, hydrotherapy pool, and physiotherapy/medical rooms. It is expected to be completed near the end of 2023.

Once complete, the second site will be used by St Christopher’s primary-aged pupils, while the current site will become home to secondary-aged children.

Callum was inspired by the current developments at Lincoln St Christopher’s School, so he created it in Minecraft. | Photo: LCC

To celebrate this construction being well under way, year eight pupil Callum decided to get artistic by logging into popular video game Minecraft and recreating the new buildings.

He used the construction plans to help make the new spaces, and even did a video tour of his work so you can see the intricacies of it.

Callum’s teacher, Mr Clayton said: “Callum has been working on various designs throughout the year.  He’s made a model of the bus station out of paper, and his next project was the cathedral.

“Each time, he found the pictures he needed on the internet and used these to help him build the projects.

“After finishing the cathedral, Callum said he was going to make the new school buildings on Minecraft, and everyone’s been really impressed with the results.”

Callum’s creation of where the primary-aged children will learn. | Photo: LCC

Councillor Patricia Bradwell, executive member for children’s services, said: “It’s wonderful to see Callum’s enthusiasm for the project. We recently took a tour of the new site with some of the children, and you could see the excitement in their faces.

“The new buildings will provide much better facilities for the pupils, helping them make the most of their time at the school.

“The project will also see the school’s total capacity increase from 200 to 333, meaning more children can attend their local school rather than having to travel large distances for their education.”

The secondary-aged students will learn here, as Callum has demonstrated on Minecraft. | Photo: LCC