July 23, 2022 7.00 am This story is over 16 months old

‘Bee-va’ or ‘Bel-vwar’? New Belvoir advert sets the record straight

You heard it straight from the horse’s mouth!

Belvoir Castle and Belvoir Farm, you see those names all the time, but how do you pronounce it? If you’ve been saying ‘Bel-vwar’, you’ve been wrong all this time!

It is a discussion that has taken place for years, both with the castle and fruit farm, which are in close proximity of each other in the Bottesford area, near Grantham.

A new television advert for Belvoir Farm‘s drinks selection has settled the debate on how to pronounce the name, revealing that it is in fact correct to say it like ‘Bee-va’ as in the animal.

The advert was aired during a commercial break from popular ITV2 programme Love Island on Monday, July 18, and it came as a shock to many that have called it ‘Bel-vwar’ through the years.

So we now know that it’s ‘Bee-va’ Farm and Castle, but how about the estate agents, who go by ‘Bel-via’ pronunciation? Is there a correct way to say it or is it simply open to interpretation?

Did you know how to pronounce it all along? Or has the advert taught you something new about Belvoir?